水瓶座時代の研究 1 ・ Research on AQURIAN AGE 1

注意; このページは「はじめに 12」からの継続です。
This page is prepared for the readers that linked from the PREFACE 12.
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はじめに 8,9,10,11,12と読んできた読者は来るべき水瓶座時代がどのような時代になるのか 漠然と理解したことでしょう。星座時代という文字をマスコミで始めて知った人も内容に奥深いものである ことをうすうすとわかることでしょう。石川源晃の研究用のホームページは占星学の基礎知識がない読者を 対象にしていませんが水瓶座時代のようにマスコミ用語の解説の場合には、多少難解であっても概略が理解 できるように努力して執筆します。占星学の専門知識のない人々に対して水瓶座時代という言葉をマスコミ が使用するのは無理なのですが、なにか新しい時代という意味で漠然と使用したのでしょう。
In the description of PREFACE 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, the readers are invited to get a brief look on the AQUUARIN AGE that is destined to come. The author believes new readers will understand the outline connoted in the technical words lurked deep inside the expression that the mass communication people have carelessly remarked on the technical word of AQUARIAN AGE defined. As this website is prepared for the research of astrology, the readers will be expected to have a proper knowledge on the art of astrology studied. It is however, for the description on such word of AQUARIAN AGE that is the common word in mass communication, the author tries the best effort to write in easy common words as possible selected. For people in the mass communication, the fresh word without any specific definition will tell something new sensation to the public readers just glanced.

水瓶座時代が騒がれるのは、来るべき新しい時代への期待と、古い魚座時代を失いたくないという西欧の 人々の郷愁(きょうしゅう)と恐怖(きょうふ)が強いのです。では、西欧の人々にとって魚座時代 というものはどのような時代なのでしょうか。信教の自由を主張しますが西欧の人々は先祖代々にわたり キリスト教の影響を強く受けています。一般の日本人が仏教に抱く郷愁よりも西欧人がキリスト教に抱く 気持ちの方が数段と強力です。ヒッパルコスが天空を分割し、サイン「おひつじ」の零度を定めたのが 紀元前134年とすれば、その瞬間から春分点はサイン「うお」に入居したことになります。しかし、魚座と 牡羊座は約4度重複しているので、春分点の移動を考えれば約300年間は牡羊座時代魚座時代が重複し ます。キリストの誕生はヒッパルコスから135年ですから、魚座時代の始めにキリストが生まれたのです。
People are expecting new era of AQUARIAN AGE as well as to be threatened strongly by a fear to loose the spiritual support by the Christianity that is the symbol of the PISCINE AGE. Although they emphasize the freedom of personal religion, however, their nostalgia for their religion to the Christianity that is inherited from father and grand father for years is very much stronger than the feelings for the Buddhism that the common Japanese people impressed. As the time of settlement of point zero degree of Aries by Hipparchus was in 134 year of Before Christ, the place of vernal equinox entered the sign Pisces then after. The overlap observed between the constellation Aries and the constellation Pisces is about four degrees that the overlap of 300 years approximately between the ARIAN AGE and PISCINE AGE exists. This is calculated from the degrees of the vernal equinox which is about 50 seconds shift per year progressed. Thus the Christ was born in the year belongs to early part of the PISCINE AGE.

魚座は人の目に見えない海の底で反対方向へ泳ぐ努力をする二匹の魚が尻尾をひもで結んでいる矛盾の姿 refを描いています。魚座時代がキリスト誕生から約二千数百年の期間に地球上で発生することを表現して いるものとすれば、古代人の想像で描いた天空の星座図の暗示を深く考える必要があります。
The shape of constellation Pisces that was taken from the imaginary view of the philosophical idea of the ancient people indicates two fishes under invisible deep sea. The tail of each fish is fastened by a cord that restricts the free movement of each fish except for same direction that is agreed each other settled. ref If the PISCINE AGE has indicated the human experiences that has occurred in the society for the recent two thousand years approximately, the imaginary picture of constellation Pisces that was given by the idea of ancient people would be suggestive enough for our nowadays life.

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